Welcome Home, Aaron and Family!!

Well, I am a little late about posting, but last Wednesday Aaron and his family got back to Illinois! He graduated from the training in NC on Tuesday, which was also his birthday. These pics are from Wednesday night where Mom made us all a good meal at Aaron’s house and it was sure good to have them back! Joshua was *thrilled* to see his cousins again! He had been saying for weeks things like, “Hey, I have an idea! Let’s go to Uncle Aaron’s house!” So he was glad we finally got to! We all wish you coulda been there, Dad.

This pic is of the three girl cousins: Cheyenne (3), Jessica (9), and Dominique (1.5)

We finally got a pic of Fabio and I together! Seems like it is quite a challenge to try to do!

And finally, one of Joshua and Dominique in the yard. I thought it was cute, even though Dominique has some serious bed head! Her hair is getting to the point where it doesn’t look nice if I dont fix it, but I don’t like to fix it every day because she always loses so much every time the ‘do has to come out! She can’t afford to lose much!!

I haven’t been feeling too swell lately, but we are all surviving. Im thankful for the tactics I learned when I was pregnant with Dominique from a little booklet called “Managing Morning Sickness”. The basic idea is that I have to eat something that is salty (definitely not sweet), packs plenty of protein, and preferably includes some carbs, about every two hours. 🙂 If I do that, I can keep the yuckies at bay pretty well. Wish I had known about it when I was pg with Joshua! I haven’t gained a pound yet, but my baby pouch is growing. Yes, already! What can I say???

We had a really full weekend too, and so I will be posting pics of that soon: a wedding in WI, a big party for Aaron, Easter dinner at our place. 🙂 Life never gets boring, that’s for sure!


  1. with Joshua’s incredible photography skills I’m surprised you don’t have an album full with pictures of you & Fabio!

    How is that digicam working for you?

  2. Michelle, the digicam is working great! I just still havent gotten around to reading the manual!!!
    We actually have decided to not let Joshua take pics with it until he gets older. It’s just too precious! 🙂

    Hey Julie!
    Aaron leaves next Thursday for CA for further training, and will be home one last time at the end of May before shipping out to Iraq. They still havent given them an exact date on the deployment yet. I’ll keep ya posted!

  3. Her hair doesn’t look bad at all…she hides it well 😉

    Good to hear about your brother.

    Can’t wait to hear updates on your growing baby!

  4. You can really see her red hair in the sunlight!
    She “loses” it because when the rubberband comes out, hair comes out with it! Especially because once she gets sleepy, she pulls it out herself, in a not-so-gentle fashion. 😉

    Good she hides the bed head well! 🙂

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