The Rest of the Mexico Pics

Well, today the pics were uploading with relative ease, so here are the rest of what I’m going to post, in no particular order. First, Dominique at the market, intrigued by the baby chicks and baby ducks.

Here is Joshua. We were at a parade, and the dude on this horse noticed that I was taking a picture of him, and offered for Joshua to sit up there. They have some beautiful horses, and quite well trained. This one was walking behind a truck blowing off firecrackers and still behaved himself quite well.

Here I am with my friend Esperanza, who I travelled down there with. We spent one night with her family and it was really nice to get to meet all of them.

Me and the kids at a restaurant. One nice thing about the restaurants there is that they all have sidewalk seating, and the weather is mostly always conducive to such an arrangement.

Dad with the kids

The kids had to get used to all different sleeping arrangements, that is for sure! The first three nights we all slept in single beds in the same room, and Dominique fell off a few times because she is used to sleeping in a crib still. Oops! Then here they slept in a double bed, with me in it too! It took them a while to fall asleep becuase they kept either playing or bothering each other, but at last they did. Other nights, Dominique slept in a double bed with me and Joshua in another one with my dad. That seemed to work out okay too. Then there was sleeping on the plane, in the car, and in my disappearing lap, which Im sure was more comfortable for Dominique than it was for me!! Routines are good for children, but I’ve always felt they should also learn to be flexible. πŸ™‚ (Especially as probable future MKs!)

Here you can see my least favorite part of the trip, which I mentioned before: the cobblestone roads. BUMPY! Not pregnant, it would have been uncomfortable, but pregnant… well, let’s just say Im glad I survived!

Joshua with the children from church. He didnt seem to have any problem communicating with them.

Dad and Daughter.
This is a little off center becuase Joshua took it. πŸ™‚ Not bad, though.


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