Our Daddy’s the Greatest!!!

I so appreciate the time Fabio takes with the children to build things, read books, and take them fun places!

Last night, he and Joshua build this go-cart out of K’nex.

Reading with Dominique

Every first Saturday of the month at a Home Depot near you, they have a free kids workshop! It is a great opportunity for the kids to have an outing with daddy and build something constructive. They look forward to it all month long!

I usually don’t go, because it is a special daddy day, but I got invited this time, so I snapped some pics while I was there.

Joshua is always sure to wear his Carhardt so he can look like a “real carpenter”. 🙂

Here they are before bedtime, reading the Bible with Daddy. This is the new Bible Joshua got for Christmas, in comic strip form. They all love it!


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