New Baby In The House!


2.5 weeks old

First attempt at a pic of all four together:

SO excited to have a baby brother!! (Actually, he was so excited to be naked!)

Doting Siblings:

So many expressions…..


Sucking his thumb!
This is the only tim he tried it, and after the picture, I removed it from his mouth. 😉 I don’t want a repeat of Dominique sucking her fingers….

Quiet alert state




Looks like he will have red hair like Dominique!

This pic is obviously badly over-exposed, but I posted it because you can see his blue eyes. We’ll see if he gets to keep them or not in a few months…..

Things are going fairly well. I am feeling a little stronger, the kids love him to death, and we are adjusting. Still not “there” yet, but in the process! More later!


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