Hello There!

Well, we are all well and kicking, hot and sweaty! We have been walking to the beach every morning and wearing the kids out so we can go home, have showers and lunch, and take naps. This is the life! The trip was not as uneventful as what I was hoping for, but we are all recovering now. 🙂 These kids are going to grow up versatile, that´s for sure! Once they grow to be a little bit more versatile, the trip will be easier on me…. 😉 No baby for Amanda yet! Maybe she´s waiting til I get back! Just kidding ~ I wouldn´t wish that on her, as much as I´d love to be there.
Well, today we don´t seem to be able to open hotmail, so if I´m not responding to your email, that´s why. 🙂 But we will probably come here again soon to try again. We probably have an overload of spam by now!
More later!


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